Town Point Tug & Barge, Inc is a family owned and operated marine service company based in Chesapeake , Virginia. We offer a variety of marine services to include marine demolition, barge construction and repair, barge rental, and tug leasing. We currently operate a 24ft tug boat, the Miss Emma, whose construction was completed by our skilled production team in July 2011.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality marine service to our customers while maintaining integrity, safety, and efficiency. We continue to expand our services through ingenuity and marine industry awareness. We are committed to customer satisfaction and bring forth many years experience of all aspects of the marine industry.

Town Point Tug & Barge, Inc has a strong commitment to environmental safety and preservation. We work closely with federal and local agencies  as well as local volunteer agencies to ensure we continue to do our part in maintaining environmental awareness and protection.

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